Click on the fountain or water feature of your choice for more details ...  - each fountain and water feature includes a pump - see below or click here Click here to see more information on the colour range.   Pages A, B, C

WF001 WF002 WF007 WF008 WF011
WF012 WF017 WF020 WF021 WF029
WF034 WF035 WF040 WF044 WF045
WF046 WF047 WF049 WF051 WF053
WF055 WF056 WF057 WF063 WF065
WF074 WF075 WF077 WF080 WF082
WF083 WF084 WF090 WF092 WF093
WF094 WF095 WF096 WF097 WF098

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Click on the pictures below for more detail.

A pump is included with each fountain or water feature. There is also a range of pumps available individually. Click here for more details.

... and lighting is handy for water features, as well as many other places, such as illuminating statues. Click here for more details.


Pages A, B, C



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